Prosper 4 Group is here to empower BAME communities.

What does BAME stand for? This is an abbreviation for Black, Asian and minority ethnic groups in the UK. These individuals are often marginalised and their ethnicity can intersect with other identities (like sexual orientation and mental/physical disability) to compound discrimination.

Prosper 4 Group is here to change this because we believe in inclusivity and the limitless potential of everyone. We wish to start a conversation around key issues that affect diverse talent and society more broadly.

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4 Min read | By James Fellowes

On a red letter day for UNemployment …… there is new hope.

This morning the latest UK Labour Market statistics were published. Those of a squeamish nature. Look away now. ALL-TIME RECORD REDUNDANCIES: Let's start with the big headline story (well in reality just an after thought for British media) the UK generated an all-time record number of redundancies in the last quarter at a staggering 370,000 new redundacies . [...]

5 Min read | By James Fellowes

Where are we going to find the key workers to ‘Feed The Nation’ this summer?

To date, Britain’s fight against Covid-19 has largely been fought on two fronts: 'The Health of The Nation' and 'The Wealth of The Nation'. But now there’s a third front and its looming fast – the challenge to 'Feed The Nation'. The stark reality is that up to 90,000 seasonal workers are required to pick the British harvest. Over the [...]