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Prosper 4 Group is here to empower disabled- rather differently abled- voices.

Those with certain impediments can still perform incredibly- it’s simply a matter of enabling their success and limitless potential. Not doing so and being complicit in employment discrimination is often against the law.

So, we strive to create a conversation around such key issues that affect diverse talent, and society more broadly. Check out our articles to start a conversation. We are always keen to hear your thoughts!

5 Min read | By James Fellowes

Where are we going to find the key workers to ‘Feed The Nation’ this summer?

To date, Britain’s fight against Covid-19 has largely been fought on two fronts: 'The Health of The Nation' and 'The Wealth of The Nation'. But now there’s a third front and its looming fast – the challenge to 'Feed The Nation'. The stark reality is that up to 90,000 seasonal workers are required to pick the British harvest. Over the [...]