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Prosper 4 Group is here to help you with your career which is why we’re thrilled to have been awarded funding from the Sustainable Innovation Fund by Innovate UK, the UK’s innovation agency!

The £130 million fund, supporting enterprises across the UK, strengthens our fight against discrimination despite the economic challenges of COVID-19.

We wish to start a conversation around such key issues and would love to hear your thoughts on our work. Check out our articles and share your thoughts with us!

3 Min read | By NimishKumar K. Bhatt

Returning to work: age discrimination and jobs

Returning to work is tough, but having your job application rejected on the basis of age is discriminatory and illegal. Still, older workers were hardest-hit by unemployment during the coronavirus lockdown. Bridge of Hope is here to change that and help you get back to work. Recent figures reveal that 371,000 workers over-50 were unemployed [...]