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Prosper 4 Group is here to empower older workers (often those over-55 but age is just a number!).

Economic recessions affect older workers most acutely, as we saw in 2020. This makes little sense to us. Over-55s bring the most experience, knowledge and loyalty. Such evergreen qualities are in short supply and undervalued.

Prosper 4 Group is here to challenge this bias because we believe in inclusivity and the limitless potential of everyone. We wish to start a conversation around key issues that affect diverse talent and society more broadly, so check out our articles and share your thoughts with us!

3 Min read | By NimishKumar K. Bhatt

Returning to work: age discrimination and jobs

Returning to work is tough, but having your job application rejected on the basis of age is discriminatory and illegal. Still, older workers were hardest-hit by unemployment during the coronavirus lockdown. Bridge of Hope is here to change that and help you get back to work. Recent figures reveal that 371,000 workers over-50 were unemployed [...]